We are in TimeOut? Come on. Really? Stop it.

30 Jun

We didnt really believe it at first when a nice lady wrote in to ask for dates and said she read about us in time out. We thought she was probably either mad or kidding or both (sorry!).

Then we went out and checked it out and yeap we are in this week’s TimeOut. Page 26. Right next to Polpo and Restaurants in Residence. Not that bad a place to be.

We’re not quite sure how to react to it.

Most of us have spent most morning giggling. Some of us plan to rush out and buy 3000 copies of it for our entire extended family.

But mostly, we are just happy to be mentioned in the same publication as Take That (!!!!!!!).

We thank all for the support so far.

And promise to keep on bringing you guys the biggest bestest baddest badass Singaporean food ever.

Lets kick some Singaporean Noodle ass.


(photo credit: www.goingwithmygut.com)

4 Responses to “We are in TimeOut? Come on. Really? Stop it.”


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