plusixfive x (pleasuremonger) x (Marcus/Carol – coffee geeks)

18 Nov

“eh goz. I came all the way from Singapore and have extended my stay in London leh just so i can do FOH at your supperclub leh. Arrange one leh… pweety please…”


So when Marcus, co-owner of premiere uber cool coffee joint Loysels Toy in Singapore, said that to me (as he manically flailed his arms in the air at how amazing and awesome the “bloom” of the coffee he was pouring – this happened EVERY SINGLE BLOODY MORNING AND EVERY SINGLE TIME HE POURS COFFEE) with his big bambi eyes:

And his girlfriend sat there with her big bambi eyes:

I couldnt say no. Well I guess I could but that would mean having them sulk around like a big girls blouse for the next week or so especially since they brought up some freshly roasted beans from Singers.

So I decided to organise one last minute and let them do their coffee thing at the supperclub.

We’ve always featured beans from PapaPalheta anyway, getting people to mule them from Singapore every now and then. We did this to showcase coffee from Singapore and just generally to see people’s reaction when told that this tiny island of Singapore do actually have our own pretty darn good coffee roasters.

So here they are bludgeoning me to death with coffee geekiness and  entertaining our guests with table side coffee pouring and explaining BLOOM (yes that is his hand sign for bloom), caramel, chocolate notes, and citrus nose etc and all things super geeky and coffee like temperatures timings swirls of the filter etc.


After years (ok, maybe weeks) of convincing, armtwisting and guilt tripping and bambi eyeing the very lovely R (thepleasuremonger) to feature at the supperclub, she finally relented and rocked up at dessert time to serve up some pretty “you mean u made this?!?!” fricking inserthyperbole/superlative gula melaka and salted caramel macaroons and lychee chiffon cake!


You can read all about how she did it here –

Right we’re off to the pub. Here’s some random pictures  for you to scroll through as you wait for your day to be over.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Not sure when the next supperclub will be. We got some private parties booked and our first corporate event! woo hoo! But we’ll try to squeeze a tiny one in before the year is up!


(all photos courtesy of the amazingly talented and fiercely humble E from Heaven in a Wild Flower)

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