a love letter to you.

29 Dec

dearest 2011,

being with u is like hangin out with a foodie drug dealer. with all your crazy manic coke uppers and xanax downers. but i have to say. thank you. thank you for  knockin’ me up and leaving me with plusixfive. But i guess this is where we say goodbye. Sorry. you have a past to go and I have future to rawk.  And I’ve met someone else. I’ll be seeing her at midnight in about 2 days. She promises me all kinds of awesomeness. A bit like the same of what you promised. But better. And i cant wait. 


So here we are. At the end of the year. Me sitting in a hot bath as I type this listening to a heady mix of Ting Tings, Chet Baker, Smashing Pumpkins, Radio One’s live lounge and Aaron Tan with an oldfashioned in hand. Wondering why the hell people take baths as Im giddy from all heat and trying to find some sort of divine inspiration for this post.

Im still bloody horrible at writing blog posts as you can probably tell and are thankful for the lack of mail spam (unless you are following me on twitter then geniune complete utter apologies to you for my stream of consciousness verbal diarrhoea. SORRY!). I still have a backlog of about 20 dinners to write about and which I probably should instead of sitting in baths.

Its been a manic year huh? Never thought this ba*st*rd monster lovechild supperclub of mine would take off in the way it did. We had head chefs from michelin starred restos, popupsupperclubs, and japanese yakitori joints drop by, we had repeat guests who kept on coming back and bringing their friends, we featured guest chefs and baristas, we had bloggers gush about our food, bloggers who thought i couldnt stop yapping and bloggers who thought I didnt yap enough, we were one of the top 5 most offbeat supperclubs, we were featured in TimeOut and the CorkNews, we had pretty good looking irish celebs drop by, I also earned four new burn marks on my arm, about a trillion new cuts, my hands constantly smell of garlic now and I cannot stand the sight of yet another kueh pie tee or braised duck

… and thanks to my superpower of micromanaging, I also probably have argued abused fought squabbled and go all batshiiitcraxy with everyone who has helped out at my supperclub.

So this post is really for all of you, honeys, guests, friends, lovers, boos, enemies, acquaintances, crushes, loves, sweethearts, monsters, foes, villains and weird superheroes who have helped make this dream of mine come true. And here are photos of some of them! (sorry if I havent got everyone. Its probably cos im as good with phototaking as cookie monster is with grammar.) Thank you and I love you.

Not quite sure what 2012 will hold for plusixfive (any ideas kids?) but we do hope to be able to feed you soon…!

Have an awesomely delicious foodp(0)rn filled new year wherever you are…!

with rojak love and rendang kisses,


(photo credit goes to Sam C and Wen Lin)

(if u think u look ugly, is a vegetarian but is seen stuffing face with pork belly, or is caught in one of the pics with your secret mistress your girlfriend knows nothing about and would smash your balls if she found out, lemme know and i’ll remove it.)


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