Next Supperclub Date: It’s Ch-Ch-Ch-Chinese Freaking New Year Yo! Dong Dong Chiang!

7 Jan

Dong dong dong dong CHIANG!

January detox schmetox. It’s Enter the Dragon round here at Plusixfive HQ and we’ve got some kitchen kungfu afoot to celebrate the coming Chinese New Year.

Our fires got extra stoked recently, thanks to awesome unexpected press mentions in The Cultural Expose in London and The Online Citizen back home in Singapore.

So we’re thinking chwee kueh (recipe here if you’re feeling bad bad badass at home), Wen’s Hakka pork belly mui choi (recipe here), ngor hiang, and (boldbigflashingfreakinglights) YU SHENG (boldbigflashingfreakinglights), a crazy messy noisy loud raw fish salad interactive experience that is THE thing to do during Chinese New Year in Singapore (thats what the kids in the photo above are doing. No. they are not picking scraps of leftovers from a table). And we’ll see what else the week ahead inspires.

Sunday 15 Jan, 7.30pm
£35 suggested minimum donation, BYOB

Move Bruce Lee stylee and email us if you want a piece of the action with:

No. of seats:
Contact number:
Food allergies / dietary restrictions:

Oh yeah, u also need to wear RED and lots of it. So if you are, Marilyn Manson, an extra from a Tim Burton movie, a general goth, in mourning, just had a white wedding or are one of the members of this… (ok if you are really Tim Burton, Marilyn Manson and wanna come. Ok. but just this once ok?)
With lots of chinesey love and yu sheng kisses!

goz is so excited he had to jump for joy in the forbidden city



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