Hey ma, look who’s in the Business Times!

28 Feb

One of the little childhood dreams of mine (besides trying to take over the world, driving across las vegas with a suitcase full of drugs, and growing long hair sitting around in a strippy sweater waiting for people to entertain us, in no particular order) was to surprise my parents by appearing in the Singapore papers when they sit down for their brekkie in the mornings (preferably not in the Orbitrary section or Crime section for flashing little girls).

So yeah, sometime last month I finally did it! (No not flash little girls but appeared in Business Times Singapore!)

Click here to see the full article

The look on my parents’ face

was worth every single bloody teochew braised duck which scalded me, each and every kueh pie tee shell that spluttered and failed, every piece of clothing, curtain and furniture that now perpetually smells of sambalbelachanoilcurryoxcheekrendang from now til eternity and every sea coconut, sambal, coffee bean and beanpaste muled and hand carried into UK.

Its been nuts man. Im not sure what this means. But it must mean Im doing something right or at least doing something not horrifically wrong.  And without sounding like this. Thank you everyone who’s made this possible. And of course, thanks mum and dad. And my crazy kid sister.

So yeap, go chase your dreams folks. I think maybe. Sometimes. It can be done one.

(unless it involves flashing little girls. then no.) 

xxooo goz

today everyone will listen to this ok?

p.s. i think dates for future supperclubs should be up fairly soon. Ish. so keep those eyeballs peeled and fingers at the ready kids.

3 Responses to “Hey ma, look who’s in the Business Times!”

  1. denise February 28, 2012 at 8:59 am #

    awesome.. congratulations goz! go go go!:) keep up the magic man!

  2. mirage1125 March 5, 2012 at 6:06 pm #

    This is fabulous. I’ve always been so half-hearted to come for a meal but now that I’ve read this I really want to sample the fare now!


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