Chinese New Year (or how our home got filled with to$$ers one February night) – Part Deux

12 Mar

Like Human Centipede, Police Academy and Hot Shots,

(be thankful I didnt put a scene from human centipede)

we thought every self respecting successful act should always follow up with a bloodybodycountrecordbreaking sequel.

So after many sleepless nights and long serious deliberations in the supersecretplusixfiveHQ about serving a Chinese New Year dish a month after Chinese New Year (“Would people eat a Sunday roast on a Monday huh! huh! huh!?!” “Why would people wanna eat turkey, stuffing and eggnog in June!” “Why would I wanna eat matzo again…!” “How does Superman bang Lois Lane with his supersperm?”), we did a part deux of the Chinese New Year dinner because (a) it was so fun it’ll be plain silly not to; (b) its such a cray cray thing to do which goes against everything your parents told you about not playing with your food and not making a mess; and (c) mostly because goz wanted to go round telling people “OMG U ARE SUCH A GREAT TO$$ER!” they are in their face and actually have them thank him for the compliment)

So we did it again, that crazy tossed fish salad which is sure no spectator sport, is as messy as a la tomatina and was about as far from fine dining as THIS is from street food.

As each ingredient was added, blessings were said and wishes and wants were shouted out as the fish salad was tossed (thankfully none on my ceiling this time) with everything from new property and lottery related to Michael Fassbender related being wished for.

We chased the opening act with my mum’s traditional rice wine chicken with chinese chorizo like sausages, chwee kueh (a messy oil drenched ricecake turnip breakfast of champions awesomeness which refuses to ever leave the menu), Teochew braised duck, Grace’s Sambal Eggs of Power, Peranakan Chap Chye (the heston blumenthals of stir frys, the ferran adria of stewed cabbage/carrots/prawns/pork, the harold mcgee of vegetable dishes… mmmm) and finished with deep fried nian gao (sweet sticky cake) which according to legend is used to shut up the kitchen god (a bit like AA Gill of Chinese gods) and a bowl simple sticky balls of sweetness in a sweet ginger soup to close and make sure that your Dragon year starts off stickly sweet…

Now the question is….


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 [photo credit: Amos]

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