[New Supperclub Date 29th July] A Singapore Breakfast (ft Charlene)

23 Jul

Here’s the quick and dirty. The weather is waaaaaaaaay too awesome for me to stay stuck indoors writing this. I NEEDA GO BURN MY BODY OUTSIDE NOW!!!!!!!!!!! BURRRRRRN!!!!!! BURRRRRRRN!!!!!

So the next supperclub date will be on this Sunday 29th July!

7:30pm – nibbles and giggles

8:00pm – dinner

This time we will be cooing alongside the lovely redheadedsassiness of Charlene – trained at le cordon bleu, has a big appetite and a pretty crazy super cool hair colour. And is slightly obsessive, confident and BAD BAD BAD AZZ COOK. Perfect for a supperclub host i reckon no?

And what will we be serving? Well we will be serving BREAKFAST.

Yeap for dinner we will be serving the first meal of the day.

No no. This isnt any Heston Blumenthal ooooh i will so mess with yo mind cos im sooooooo cool and weird and ooooh cray cray.

And no we wont just be serving you limp jam on toast.

Cos when we break fast in Singerlalaland. We really BREAK FAST. No limp jam on toast. No wholegrain granola multigrain seed sugar frostie nonsense. And definitely NO ONE would have had their Weetabix.

So here’s a couple of photos of what we intend to whip up:


Chwee Kueh (Rice Cakes with Preserved Turnips)

Kway Chap aka Pig Stew (Yeap. We have a bold pig stew for breakfast. The true breakfast of champions. Beat this Weetabix)

The real Singapore Noodles. Spam and all.

Nasi Lemak – Coconut Rice with the whole shebang

So click here k and see you on SUNDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now i needa go burn myself.


(photo credits: Wen of edibleexperiences.com, charlene, and ShuHan of mummyicancook)


One Response to “[New Supperclub Date 29th July] A Singapore Breakfast (ft Charlene)”

  1. Innovative Baker (@Innovativebaker) July 24, 2012 at 11:55 am #

    Can’t make it leh… am away in the English Riviera hopefully partaking of Simon Hulseton’s yummy food at the Elephant.

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