[new supperclub date – 19 Aug 2012] “NO MORE MR RICE GUY” or “Mummy I’m going to the Peranakan Palace!”

7 Aug

The current new fancy complete plusixfive line-up of gozgozgoz, Shu of @Mummyicancook.com, and J of @Feasttotheworld triple-team up for sizzling (yeah right) summer supper.

As we were thinking of menu options, we realised that we do have plenty of meals where rice is not a staple. So we decided to challenge ourselves and make things uber difficult for us by making an entire meal with rice as a staple.

We will showcase to you what we eat in Singapore and how we have entire meals without rice!

Teaser menu:

* Roti John – A Singapore-Indian style spicy meaty omelette sandwich
* Mee Hoon Kueh – Hand-torn fresh noodles, in homemade broth, topped with crispy anchovies.

* Kari Ayam – Nyonya Chicken Curry served with Baguette
* Otak – Grilled spicy and aromatic fish parcels
* Sayur Lodeh – Vegetables in a spicy coconut milk-laced soup

Secret Desserts – Definitely NOT rice pudding.

Knowing Jase and Shu, they will probably add more stuff to the menu because they like making things difficult for themselves like that.

It’s gonna be HOT. Bring whatever drinks you need to settle the spices!

19th Aug – 7:30pm



Remember, there will be NO RICE.

If for whatever reason you are hellbent on rice and can only eat rice and must have rice with every meal snack breath you take and u cannot sleep dream live love life without that humble grain, then this supperclub is probably not for you. So if you come, and whinge about the lack of rice, we have bought cans of kick azz just to open on you. Im warning you.



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