[New Supperclub Date] 2 Sept: SUNDAY FEASTS opening act (or hug gozgozgoz goodbye (for now))

20 Aug

Hello boys and girls

Yes. The vicious rumours are true.

gozgozgoz has to take off on a short hiatus. NOOOOOO. Sniff sniif. Sob Sob. Mostly because he has undertaken a mahoosive super not-so-secret squirrel mammmoth task which you will probably either never hear about (because it will suffer the same fate at THAT Terry Gilliam film and never get done) or you will hear endless talk about it because gozgozgoz is probably the leakiest of vaults you will ever come by.

So we thought it would only be apt if gozgozgoz was coerced into cooking once last meal (for now) for you kids – he cant leave all you crazy kids without saying goodbye properly right?

We’ve invited to be the BIG BADASS opening act for Sunday Feasts in Covent Garden, a 3 month supperclub series that our food-mad friends over at Edible Experiences are organising.


Our big bash on SECOND (2ND) SEPTEMBER 2012 will feature our pirate mix tape of GREATEST ROCK ANTHEM DISHES like…

Chwee kueh (as featured in London Unattached here and in awarded silver medal by Hot-Dinners!)
Teochew braised duck
Rice wine chicken
Cassava cake

AND MORE! We donno what yet lah. We’re still plotting. But at least you know our motivation will be that we don’t want you to forget us anytime soon!


Sunday 2 Sep, 6.30pm
Covent Garden
£39.60, BYOB


EH! And AFTER you come to ours, make sure you go check out some of the other badass supperclubs in the series ok! Got Filipino / Malaysian by Budaya Kusina, Spanish by Flavours of Spain, Peruvian Japanese, French Caribbean, Italian, Japanese, Jamaican…Mauritian… (What the?! Wah lau, I think Wen at Edible Experiences finally set up the food court of her dreams man!)

Special mention for Jason aka Mr Peranakan Palace. Some of you know that Jason’s been a core part of the Plusixfive crew for the past few months now, and he makes us look GOOOOOD. Well we’ve asked him and a couple of the others in our core crew to carry on our good/badass supperclub name while we’re on assignment.

So Mr Peranakan Palace is teaming up with Cherry of FedbyTang’s Hongkong Supperclub on 11 Nov at Sunday Feasts. Go support support ok! Cos everybody needs 1 night in Singakong / Hongapore!

Ok lah. Less talking. More booking and eating!


Feed you soon!


p.s. dont panic – THIS IS NOT THE END OF PLUSIXFIVE (pfffft! ye of little faith) Jason and ShuHan will be still be cooking outta the plusixfive kitchen so stay tuned for further dates! The long arduous torch of the dispelling of any of Singapore’s culinary myths will still continue in their trusty teflon heat resistant hands😀

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