[New supperclub date – 21 Oct 2012] A RENDEZVOUS WITH LADY LUCK-SA

26 Sep

*Superman Theme Intro*

Welcome to A Rendevous with Lady Luck-Sa


That’s right, folks! You read it right, uh-huh! Lady Luck-sa is in the house…Woop!Woop!
We at plusixfive are bringing you mega PROPER authentic WHOOPAZZ Nyonya Laska for our next supperclub. Along with this, there will also be other classic Singapore dishes to fill your tummy, all made with love. And we are mega chuffed that she will be spending not just dinner but also lunch with us.

So you think you know Laksa? Or do you REALLY know Laksa??

This is not  laksa

This is LAKSA…..! Hell yeah baby yeah…look at this bad boy…

Come along and let us show you what real Laksa is, and who know, Lady Luck-sa might just be on your side

*wink* *wink*

*wolf whistle*

Here is a taste of some of the awesome feast to come:
Rojak – fresh fruit and veg salad in a piquant dressing

Curry puffs – curried potatoes filled pastry

Nyonya Pork satay – grilled pork belly skewers with spicy peanut sauce

Otak Otak – char-grilled fish parcel

There’s also the *drum roll……..*

NYONYA LAKSA – rice noodle soup in a aromatic coconut broth
and various Nyonya kueh and a surprise pudding cause this is how we roll…….

and who knows, we might even dance to our latest plusixfive theme song in true Gangnam-style

Book your seat here now k.



J (a.k.a Mr Peranakan)

Date: Sunday 21st Oct

Time: 1:00pm and 7:30pm

Venue: In a secret rendezvous location somewhere in Angel/Islington

Cost: £25 BYOB

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