1. WHAT is +(65)?

The pioneering Southeast Asian supperclub and the first and only Singapore supperclub in London!

Its a supperclub in our humble house in Angel, Islington, serving hot damn badass Singaporean street food cooked the good ol’ way, presented with minimum fuss and maximum taste.

And trying our best to eradicate the fictitious dish of Singapore Fried Noodles from the memories of non-Singaporeans, one at a time. Sorry, like Santa and the Easter Bunny, it doesn’t exist in Singapore (thats not saying Santa exists elsewhere…).

2. WHY +(65)?

+(65) is the dialling code for home.

And if we were being poetic and stroking chins and had a little bit too much to drink, we could go on and on romanticising about how its a metaphor for how we reach out to home whether telephonically or gastronomically.

Its the code which brings us right back to where we belong. Where we were born. Our childhood. Our youth. Our nostalgia.

And through our little supperclub, we hope it will be a little gastronomic call to Singapore for you too.

So yeah, +(65). Its how and what we call home.

Its also a cool name, no?

3. WHO is/are/cooks at +(65)?

Like a very delicious culinary trio of the powerpuff girls, gozgozgoz and victims friends


gozgozgoz spent most of his childhood watching his grandma cook all kinds of hainanese yumminess, from chicken rice to pear soups. First thing he ever cooked was when he was 14 when he opened a tin of spaghetti and mixed it with tinned sausages and  heated it up.

Since then, prior to founding plusixfive, he has (thankfully) gone on to slightly more complicated stuff like cooking from Heston’s cookbook, cooking for church dinners, terrorising the Ginger Pig/ Barbecoa butchers, barking orders at them to mince meat along the grain at a certain grind size and to lay them it in a certain manner “because Heston says so!“, and sous vide-ing beef cheek rendang for 72 hours.

He also doesn’t really like salivating pets and collects hotel shampoos, street art, chairs, toys, lighting fixtures and whatever he can get his hands on. And still secretly wants to chase trains and do graffiti.

SPECIAL MUTANT POWER – most of the time being extremely good at generally stressing and nagging and barking at the rest of the +65amily and the rest of the time being thankful for having one of the most awesome and inspiring team around. Also likes slowboiling stock for incredibly long hours.


gozgozgoz stumbled upon ShuHan’s superbly ambitious and thorough blog mummyicancook and felt hopelessly inadequate. At her age, gozgozgoz was mostly spending time trying to reach up at topshelf magazines and eating instant powdered soup. Shu has however collated and penned over hundreds of recipes (from Singapore to British) whilst still maintaining the sanity to churn out some of the most pretty and intelligent graphic pieces and illustrations as she studies design at Central St Martin.  Oh and she manages Pimlico Farmers Market and is an advocate of eating locally, seasonally and ethically.

SPECIAL MUTANT POWER – Showcases all fresh current seasonal British produce whilst maintaining the authenticity of Singaporean cuisine and makes a mean mean evil sambal (AVAILABLE FOR SALE! DROP HER/US AN EMAIL!) and just about everything and anything. Not sure there is anything this mad chick cant do.


gozgozgoz met Jason and realised that Jason is probably the most compulsive obsessive person he has ever met. And thats saying a lot coming from goz.

His blog FeastToTheWorld obsessively documents incredibly complicated and horribly labour intensive Singaporean/ Malaysian recipes. And if that wasnt enough to convince you of his madness passion, his blog is updated almost every other day. Meaning he cooks like this NORMALLY.

SPECIAL MUTANT POWER – Specialises in all food Peranakan/ Nonya as he channels memories of his nan through the love we hope you can taste in his epic cooking.


As the supperclub grew, we decided, instead of begging, nudging, bribing, kidnapping, guilttripping friends, that we needed a more permanent front of house as part of the +65amily. And also cos as much as he hates to admit it, gozgozgoz just wasnt providing enough sex appeal.

Enter Christine. we met Christine through twitter and figured her profile picture was sohotdamnsupershiiithot and looked a lot like our favourite actress based purely on an objective skills based interview, that she must be the perfect candidate. But the kid turns out not just a pretty face (and pretty hands). She charms the guests and also whips up some mean dishes and desserts.

SPECIAL MUTANT POWER – Shes got a nice milky pair pear (sago dish) and incredibly soft pillowy pert buns.

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