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PLUSIXFIVE DOES YUMBUN! #65popup [Happy 2nd Birthday to us!]

18 May

yumbun x plusixfive-03



Yep. For one night only, to celebrate our 2nd anniversary (yes we are now in our terrible twos),

we’re going to be invading yum bun’s kitchen and serving up ox cheek rendang and popiah in their soft pillowy buns.

They look like this:



31 May, Friday, 5-9pm. 

Yum Bun, 31 Featherstone Street, EC1Y (nearest station Old Street)


(A) a set of TWO plusixfive sensual buns and ONE classic yumbun pork belly bun

(B) to celebrate our 2nd birthday, grab a FREE FREE FREE beer off the awesome kids at rotary bar

(you can, should, probably would buy more beers from the bar if you want).

So come join us for a drink, chinwag, eating, face-stuffing and all sorts of childish capers.

Walk-in orders are sans beer and subject to availability, so



[New supper club – 24 Mar] plusixfive goes fishing!

15 Mar

We’ve had a few people whine and nudge and prod us to do something without pork. And we have pretended not to hear for the longest time, because we love our pork belly buns and (sneaky) lard-laced desserts.


We like a challenge, so we’ve come up with… not just a non-porky menu but a non-meaty one altogether  that’s going to rock the socks off even all you meat lovers.




Goz’s Surprise– Yes gozzers is backkkkkkkkk for the week.

Kueh Pie Tee– Incredibly fiddly delicate little deep-fried cups, filled with braised turnip and dried cuttlefish

Sardine Puffs– Chilli sardines wrapped in puff pastry parcels.


Fish Head Curry- Yep, ’nuff said.

Sambal Fried Fishballs– Primary school canteen favourite.

Butter Prawns– Deep fried prawns with browned butter and curry leaves.


Sea Coconut, Sago, Guava Ice – A twist on the ice kacang stall classics

Homemade Pineapple tarts – because… WHO LIVES IN A PINEAPPLE UNDER THE SEA?

AND…We might throw in one or two more items, simply because.

Sunday 24 Mar, 7 pm
£35 suggested minimum donation, BYOB
Shu Han and Jason

How we celebrated a very plusixfive Chinese New Year

8 Mar

So that was another new year celebration done and dusted at the plusixfive HQ. We  were lucky enough to have a whole bunch of diners joining us for our  celebration. Our guests were first entertained with a New Year’s fortune forecast by the Feng Shui master, Shoba.  We even served our homemade Bak Kwa (BBQ Pork Jerky) just like we would back in Singapore. After watching the eager diners scoff down these we then got on with the traditional  ‘Lou Hei Yu Sheng’ (fish tossed salad). A competition between the two tables of diners ensured that the guests did their best to toss the salad as wildly as possible, attacking it from all angles and leaving behind a welcome mess on the table (so good fortune to everyone this year then).

IMG_2855 copy

The Kong Bak Bao too were well received….soft and moist buns with fatty, tender pork belly…..even the BOH staff couldn’t resist. Just look at us stuffing our faces with these… (please ignore the dribbling of  meat juice down our chins…..Mmmmm)


IMG_4265 copy

But of course, no Chinese New Year feast is ever complete without a duck dish and we were extremely fortunate to be sponsored by the amazing Gressingham – The Remarkable Duck People. We have long been huge fans of them for the quality birds that they sell and the ducks were a perfect platform for our  Teochew Braised Duck. For more info about these awesome guys, click on the link or follow them on twitter @RemarkableDuck

IMG_4248a copy

The Nyonya Ngor Hiang (Crispy five spice meatt-filled rolls) and Chap Chye (Vegetable stew) also graced the tables and as for puddings, the nutty Tang Yuan and as a little treat, we also served the homemade Nyonya Pineapple Tart, a must-have for any discerning Chinese household over  New Year celebration.

IMG_7701 copy

And that’s how we celebrated our CNY this year. Thanks to all our fantastic guests, we’ve never felt more at home. But don’t talk our word for it, just look at our happy guests on the night…


If all these tickles your taste buds, stay tune as we will be announcing our next supperclub date very soon. See you then folks!


Jase & Shuhan

24 FEB – plusixfive小牌檔 is BACK in HONG KONG! Tacos! Laksa! Beastie Boys! Peranakans!

19 Feb


Yeap so the rumours were true.

We thought that it would be mean of us to only do one lonely pop-up in HK and until we find a venue big enough to do a supperclub (that isnt a creepy supperclub for two), we will be dropping by IslandEastMarkets ( this Sunday 24 Feb-Feb-Febuurahreeeeeee 10am onwards!!

This time we thought we change things around a little so we will be having:






Yes! Freshly shipped up from Singapore just for this event, we will have a hotblooded, tender, smokey, 34 years fresh out of the oven PER-PER-PER-ANAKAN male! HOLY SHIIZ WOW SHIZZ WOW!

The last gig we did at IslandEast sold out in less than 5 hours and we were packed up and ready to go by 3pm so… yeah don’t say we didnt warn you numbnuts!

For all those who are puzzled:

Beef Rendang is like sensual hot wet Peranakan beef stew of sensualness and pronography.

Ayam Panggang is like a smokey dripping rich coconut grilled chicken mess of sex.

Laksa is a bowl of all good beautiful gorgeous things.

Still puzzled? THEN COME IF YOU WANNA KNOW MORE!! or if you are bored and lonely and sad on a Sunday and wanna stuff your face with AWESOME calories.

Or you can click here if you are bored.




10am onwards.


Island East Markets is located on Tong Chong Street, TaiKoo Place, Island East, right below the commercial buildings of the Island East complex (Dorset House, PCCW Tower etc.). It’s just across the road, less than 3 minutes walk, from Quarry Bay MTR, Exit A.




And dancing shoes and beastie boys rap tunes memorised and some serious BODY MOVIN’.

(photo of laksa by the very cool Mike Fung of RabbitHoleCoffee)


plusixfive does Chinese New Year!

30 Jan


Now that we’ve got all the silly new year detox diets out of the way, it’s time to REALLY  usher in the new year the chinese way i.e. dressing up in bright red from head to toe, tossing raw fish and shredded vegetables all over the place while shouting your wishes for 2013 (anything from a promotion to Ryan Gosling, no promises though) , and eating more than is humanly possible.


Lo Hei Yu Sheng is a beautifully plated dish of finely grated carrots, grated turnips, pickled ginger (of various E number colours), pickled winter melon, sesame seeds, peanuts, lime zest, lime juice, plum sauce, fried crackers and raw salmon slices seasoned in rice wine and soy sauce— that then gets attacked by chopstick-wielding drunk diners.Crazy fun guaranteed.

On the menu,

Homemade Bak Kwa – Caramelised BBQ pork jerky

Yu Sheng – Tossed salad with raw sliced fish, shredded fresh and pickled veg, peanuts, crackers
Kong Bak Pau- Shu Han’s mummy’s secret-recipe pork belly buns. 

Ngor Hiang – five-spice juicy meat rolls in fried beancurd skin
Lor Ark – Teochew soy-sauce slow-braised duck
Nonya Chap Chye – THE ultimate vegetable stew. 

Homemade Pineapple Tarts- sticky pineapple filling encased in buttery crumbly pastry
Tang Yuan – Sticky rice balls with peanut filling, in sweet broth



Sunday 17 Feb, 7pm
£35 suggested minimum donation,
(+ Chineser points if you bring 2 satsumas along to exchange with your fellow diners for luck)


Shu Han and Jason xxx

Bits of S’pore: The Intan (or “The blogpost for those who think Peranakan is a monster fish with sharp teeth”)

23 Jan

So I thought I kick off 2013 with trying to shake off and lose my one biggest most useless* superpower that I have been imbued with since that gamma ray accident – The amazing mutant power of Procrastination. And the first thing I thought I do is write a looooooooong overdue blog post.

*although the winner of most useless power will always go to ArmFallOff Boy:


But this post will be slightly different – its not going to be a recipe or a new supperclub post.

I figured since I am blessed with this plusixfive platform, it would only be right if I used it to write about things that I love about Singapore and not just about the food.

Not in a mushy creepy “ohibetplusixfiveisagovernmentcoverforthetourismboard” stand-up-and-sing-the-national-athem-yo-biatches kinda way.

But little things which I encounter back in Singapore which make me go all warm and fuzzy inside, smile and wanna go up to that little thing, pat it on its back, buy it a round of Tiger beer and go “Attaboy well done you. You deserve some sort medal or something shiny”.

I also figured I should write a little something about what Peranakan is/are since we do feature it on the supperclub menus quite a bit – Jason (@feasttotheworld) being a Peranakan himself. And no he isnt a carnivorous monster fish with a penchant for tittties.

So, first up is Alvin Yapp’s Peranakan museum of all things Peranakan and gorgeous – The Intan.


By the way, for avoidance of doubt, Alvin never paid me to write this. In fact, I am not sure he even remembers me. He did pour me a cup of ice tea in his home though whilst I was there (which he graciously let me into outside of admission times after I, short of tying myself to his front gate, grovelled and begged for entry to). One thing I have to add is that none of the photos here are from my own. They are from his website ( I fabulously accidentally deleted all my photos which I took at his place (Clumsiness/ Stupidity – Yet another amazing mutant superpower of mine).

Sometime in 2012, a friend’s facebook showed up all these photos of an elaborate, fascinating and deeply well-curated Peranakan museum.

Wait, stop, for all those who don’t know what a Peranakan is. Here’s the link to Wikipedia but if you are lazy, it is a collective term used for the ethnic Chinese populations of Malaysia and the Dutch-controlled island of Java and other locations, who have adopted to Nusantara customs – partially or in full – to be somewhat assimilated into the local communities.

You can’t actually tell them apart from another Singaporean Chinese person. They look ethnically Chinese. Some have mixed lineage of Malay and Chinese but generally, you cant really pick one out from a crowd. Its not like they have the letter P branded on their foreheads or are fabulously good looking (although you probably won’t be hard pressed to find a Peranakan who would think so. The good looking part not the P branded on forehead part).

But what really drew me to this culture was their food. Arguably, they were probably the first authentic fusion cuisine. Being Chinese people adopting Malay customs and being assimilated into Malay communities and having inter-race marriages, led to a collision of culinary influences combining the wok cooking and slow braising techniques of Chinese cooking and the milder Chinese ingredients with the local fiery and strong Malay and Indonesian chillis, curries and spices. It was also a culture where cooking was an integral part of their community as it was often a way of showing off their wealth and affluence by the skilfulness and how complicated the dishes were.

Anyway, back to the Peranakan museum on facebook. I was enthralled. In my own journey to discover Peranakan cuisine, this really piqued my interest. It was like a museum of all things Peranakan. So one email thing led to another and Alvin one day very graciously invited me into his home one day when I was in town.

And what I realised was that this was not just a museum but it was also Alvin’s home. Alvin lived in it. It was his humble abode as well as a private museum.

Whereas most people would happily live in living rooms filled with flatpacked Ikea furniture, Alvin lived and breathed in little time capsule of a time gone by where shoes were meticulously beaded, dishes were painstakingly and lovingly prepared and furniture was luxuriously detailed with luminescent mother of pearl in-lays. As he walked me through his home and I nosily poked my nose into every cupboard, he would like an excited child, pick up a random object (“yes those are spittoons lining the stairs…”) and rattle off the story behind it (yes that’s an ancestral worship altar! Peranakans retained the Chinese tradition of paying respects to ancestors), the details in the design (see! see! See the engravings on the chair! Did you notice its all mother of pearl!”), why it looked like what it looked like (“See the eagle and the dragon on the chairs in mother of pearl? Because some Peranakans adopted Western ang moh culture, they incorporated Western symbols into their design”) and the quirks of their history (“Notice how Mother Mary is in a traditional kebaya? and baby Jesus wrapped in batik…”).


He must have done this same talk hundred times and answered the same questions but he was always so enthusiastic and brimming with passion.

Alvin sat me down and told me his story. That at first he was staying in an apartment, where he had been collecting all his wares. He tells me it was his innate curiosity and also admiration for his own Peranakan heritage that led him to start collecting and simultaneously learning about his culture. He moved to this shophouse some years ago and started displaying his extensive collection of Peranakan furniture, costumes and trinkets after returning from living abroad five years ago, although he emphasises this is ‘not a full-time job, it’s merely a hobby’.

In his own words, “it was more than the fine needlework or craftsmanship that captivated my fascination for the Peranakan culture. Rather, it was the astonishment and admiration at how a culture, so young and recent, was able to achieve and create a community that influenced every aspect of social life. It was precisely this remarkable conception that inspired primary professions to design and create beautiful works of art. Pottery makers, tailors, cobblers, chefs, jewelers and carpenters were instantaneously turned into artists, drawing inspiration and combining techniques from different cultures. They experimented with different mediums and explored different styles that manifested into forms and expressions never seen before.”

In February 2011, the National Heritage Board awarded The Intan private-museum status and it has been used for all sorts of events from site-specific plays, book launches to art gallery shows and concerts to private events like weddings and birthdays but all with a Peranakan twist.

You can also book yourself in The Intan tour lasts 90 minutes for tea or three hours for dinner, and Alvin’s mother prepares the authentic Nonya dishes. He also regularly hosts theatre shows and I think there is one on right now.

So why am I featuring this?

In a word – pride.

Proud that someone in my country has decided to go to such lengths, on his own terms, in his own time, with his own initiative to do something like this.

In a country where all things old and slightly yellowing gets bulldozed, razed and torn down in the name of economic progress to be replaced with something silver and steel and glass and cold and shiny. Where we were brought up thinking we all had to grow up to be either a doctor, a lawyer or a banker. Where we tie ourselves up in a big fat knot tumbling over each other acquiring and acquiring and acquiring the newest latest shiny handbag/ golfclub/ car/ home/ gadget.

He didn’t do it because he thought it would bring him fame and fortune. He did it simply for the love of it, to preserve his identity and heritage and to leave something, other than pixels of facebook photos and dusty photo albums in attics, for future generations.

Now that is surely worth so much more than the latest hand-stitched embossed dead animal skin case for that new touchscreen gadget.


The Intan

69 Joo Chiat Terrace  Singapore 427231
+65 9338 2234

(all photos from the Intan website)

[New supper club – 16 Dec] Memories of plusixfive (the best of)

4 Dec

So here is what you missed earlier….

Goz met Shuhan and then they did this awesome supperclub night and then Shuhan’s legendary  Sambal Egg was born, along with her sizzling shit-hot Sambal sauce (so in demand we even do sambal drops)…

…Then Goz met Jason and they did this fantastic Peranakan night where the ever-saucy Chap Chye make an impromptu appearance, filling the diner’s bowl of rice with some liquid umami…..oh yeah!…

…Then Goz did another Peranakan night with Jason and the super-kick-ass Kari Ayam became a Jason classic

…Then they did this Olympic Event Global Feast where they blinged up the traditional Chwee Kueh and transformed them into canapés that got Anna Hansen salivating (it’s hawker-meet-fine dining ok)…

… Then Goz made Singapore proud by winning at the BKT-off  Bak Kut Teh Charity Challenge…

…Then Goz, Jason and Shuhan got together again for the Supperclub Summit at the Goethe institute, where the chewy, moreish Ondeh Ondeh turned red, along with an entire room of red-clothed diners, to celebrate Singapore’s National Day…

…Then Goz flew to Hong Kong to continue his world domination with rendang buns at the Island East Markets, while Jason and Shu Han gave rendang her own twist by using British seasonal produce, wowing a super-famous SG chef and ultra-influential SG food writer with their Ox cheek and Venison Rendang

…Then Jason met the lovely Cherry of FedbyTang and they cooked up a Sunday Feast at School of Wok, and Jason grandma’s Apom Balek i.e. sweet banana toffee  sauce i.e. crack, had the FOH drinking straight from pot…

<sorry out of point>

That night, we also discovered our plusixfive dance song…

PROPER Gangnam-style! (a very embarassing video of this is out somewhere on the internet whoever finds it get a free hug from Goz)

</sorry out of point>

Then Shuhan met Charlene the diva, a recent Cordon bleu graduate, and they showed the Brits how the breakfast of champions should be like with ‘Economy Noodles‘ , or THE REAL SINGAPORE FRIED NOODLES (ITS NOT LUMINOUSYELLOW! ARGH!)

So that’s what you missed………..Feel left out? Aiyoh, never mind. In the name of good spirit over this festive season, as we’re all feeling warm and fuzzy inside,


we’ve decided to bring you the best of plusixfive, dishes that we were proud to have prepared and has over the months come to represent what we are about. So for the last time, before we say goodbye to the year 2012, let’s end it off with a big bang!

BEST OF 2012

Memories of plusixfive             


Chwee kueh (rice cakes with spicy turnip toppings)

Bak Kut Teh (Herbal pork rib broth)

Economy Noodles aka REAL Singapore Fried Noodles (NOT that yellow thing)



Sambal eggs (Deep-fried eggs with piquant chilli paste)

Venison/Ox cheeks Rendang (8 hours braised dry curry)

Kari Ayam (Nyonya aromatic chicken curry)

Chap Chye (Vegetable braised in sweet bean sauce)



Ondeh Ondeh (Rice flour balls with palm sugar fillings)

Apom Balek (Palm sugar pancakes with banana toffee sauce)


So come and join us for one last Singaporean feast before you stuff yourself silly with the turkey. Book your tickets here

Date: Sunday 16thDec

Time: 7:00pm

Venue: In a secret rendezvous location somewhere in Angel/Islington

Cost: £35 BYOB

And finally, here are just some of the reviews from our recent events:


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