“A truly epic meal … which you couldn’t get elsewhere in London even if you tried; after all Singaporean restaurants are sorely lacking here. (Read full review @ Gourmetraveller)

As a kid (approximately circa last year thereabouts), all I ever wanted to be was to chase trains, do graffiti  and be like my heroes Os Gemeos and David Choe, so when we started our +(65) supperclub, all we wanted to do was to be the first and the best bigbadass stupidest nuttiest Singaporean food feeders in town, serving up honest awesome as hell tastebud kicking Singapore food and whatever other food we loved as kids.

I want it to feel like Christmas with my long-lost Asian grandmother, who will be mortally offended if I don’t force down some more rendang. And it is like that, only more hip and London-ish.” (

So its always nice (and sometimes we have to pinch ourselves to believe it) when people take the time to post photos up and write about us. Craziness. Hell, we didn’t even have to bribe these people.

“Refined touches and a well-thought out menu that shatters Singaporean food stereotype and puts restaurants to shame. Of all supper clubs I have been to, Plusixfive has made the most impact.” (



Our CHWEE KUEH DISH seems to get a lotta press – HOT-DINNERS also awarded us a Silver Medal right behind Anna Hansen MBE of Modern Pantry! And London Unattached loved it too!

“My personal favourite, these slightly strange looking canapés, chwee kueh rice cakes, creamy and delicious with a real kick in the spicy topping,  from Goz of plusixfive supperclub, representing Singapore.  They were so fabulous I think I ate about 6 of them!” (

We got featured and interviewed back home in Singapore publications from the uber hip site POSKOD.SG to edgy political / social commentary website, theonlinecitizen!

And we really did pinch ourselves silly after we were featured in Time Out London and Cork News! And named as one of top 5 most offbeat supperclubs in London in Cultural Expose!

So here’s some more  words by the sweetest creatures on the internet:

“I can’t recommend this supper club enough… you are fed more than handsomely and welcomed with such care and attention. I attended alone, but was tended to by the hosts and met some great food loving attendees that night, who were very inclusive. This dinner not only transported me back to great memories of my food adventures in Singapore, but reassured me that I could find authentic dishes here in London too, thanks to Goz, Yolanda & WenLin.” (

“The true test of any restaurant is how the locals rate it and from Evonne, Jayna, and Winnie it was an unequivocal thumbs up.” (Sam / lifeoutsideviewfinder

“What I found at +(65)/plusixfive was a wonderful team of people, who had gathered around them wonderful company… it was an evening of warmth, openness and generosity. Both the cooking and hospitality were from the heart, and that’s something that can’t be matched.”  (Read full review @ “A call from home” Cinnamon&Truffle)

“NB you hoh irritating can” (Lesley)

“It was a fine end to a lovely night – apart from the food, which was an excellent example of Singaporean home cooking, the company was great too! Goz and his friends (who he’d roped in to help) really made us feel at home” (Read review @ TamarindandThyme)

“I feel sorry for your cleaner” (James Lowe)

“Wa lau I am speechless at how knnb irritating u are” (Grace)

“…the food, the most important part of the evening, was like going back to Malaysia and eating in my auntie’s house.” (Read full review @

“hubby wants to know if you will jar the achar and sell him a crate” (@Gourmetraveller

“Your moustache sucks” (Anonymous)

“Uhm your toilet door has no lock so erm… I think I almost walked into someone wee weeing” (Guest)

“if you like food from Malaysia and Singapore, I would recommend getting your name on the list and eagerly await the launch of his next dates.” (tehbus, the rather unusual chinaman)

“Absolutely frickin’ amazing. Properly tasted of teh tarik and was really moreish.” (Lovely pix here @ hollowleg’s flickr)

“I’ve been a pescatarian for 12 years but… uhm… Ive been eating at the Ox Cheek Rendang and the pork belly…” (Guest)

“To make these delicate crispy batter shells from scratch is a heartbreaking, backbreaking, treacherous art, prone to breaking and burning and chipping and deflating at all points along the way. I couldn’t believe Goz was going to attempt this at his very first supperclub.” (Read about the calm before the storm here @ Wen’s blog)

“After all that homecooked Singaporean food @plusixfive for dinner last night, I woke up thinking I was home. #warmfuzzyfeeling” (Michelle / @m_ikki)


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